Sharat And Gyan’s slip jig

By Ross Ainslie

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sharat And Gyan's
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
M: 7/8
|:ABB dBeB|efa e2d2|[M:13/28]ABB dcA cAF G2AB|
ABB dBeB|efa b2f2|abf abf2|efd efBc:|
dcA cAF GGA2|BGE AFD EFAd|ecA dBG A2cd|eff edc B2BB|
dcA cAF GGA2|BGE AFD EFAd|ecA dBG A2F2|[M:13/28]EFA dcB cBA B2BB|
|:[M:7/8]ABB eBfB|cef edcB|[M:9/8]Bce B2d A3|[M:7/8]dc/B/A BAFE|
ABB eBfB|cef edcB|[M:8/8]Bcdc BAFE|DEFA AB~B2:|
|:[M:7/8]baf a2ba|fed e2fe|dBA B2ef|dBA B2AF|
EBF AFBF|ABd edfd|efa bfaf|edc B2BB:|

Three comments

The Balkan - Celtic connection

Certainly not a slip jig … but an earworm of a tune from Ross Ainslie. Best attempted after fully digesting a recorded version. I found a nice one here:

A pretty amazing feat to get whole band (at least 6 more musicians!) playing live with all the changing time signatures. Sure, it looks like they’re reading sheet music (except for Ross and the drummer), but so what.

Re: Sharat And Gyan’s

I presume the "Sharat" is Sharat Srivastava. We used one of his tunes for the Lauland Big Tune Machine in 2018. I seem to remember transcribing it in (7+4+7)/8!

Re: Sharat And Gyan’s

Looks like Ali Hutton on guitar, John Somerville on accordion, James Lindsay on bass, Laura-Beth Salter on mandolin and Laura Wilkie on fiddle. Not up on me drummers, I’m afraid.