Ninety-Eight march

Also known as The ’98, 98 March, The 98 March, Ninety Eight March, The Ninety Eight March, The Ninety Eight, The Ninety-Eight March, The Ninety-eight.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Ninety-Eight
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
gf|e3/2f/ ed eB (3B/c/B/ A|B3/2e/ ed e2ed|
B3/2c/ BA GE (3E/F/E/ D|E6ef|
g3/2a/ ge d2ef|(3g/a/g/ e dB e2ed|
B3/2c/ BA GE (3E/F/E/ D|E6GA|
B3/2d/ ef g2 (3f/g/f/ e|d3/2{e}d/ dB A2GA|
Be ef ed dB|e6ef|g3/2a/ ge d2ef|
(3g/a/g/ e dB e2ed|B3/2c/ BA G2E2|E6:|
X: 2
T: Ninety-Eight
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
gf|"Em"e3/2f/ ed eB (3B/c/B/ A|B3/2e/ ed e2"D"ed|
"Em"B3/2c/ BA GE "D"3E/F/E/ D|"Cmaj7"E6"D"ef|
"G"g3/2a/ ge "D"d2ef|"Em"(3g/a/g/ e dB e2"D"ed|
"Cmaj7"B3/2c/ BA "Bm7"GE (3E/F/E/ D|"Em"E6"D"GA|
"G"B3/2d/ ef g2 (3f/g/f/ e|"D"d3/2{e}d/ dB A2GA|
"Em"Be ef ed dB|"A9"e6ef|"G"g3/2a/ ge "D"d2ef|
"Em"(3g/a/g/ e dB e2ed|"Cmaj7"B3/2c/ BA "Bm7"G2E2|"Em"E6:|

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The Ninety-Eight March

Transcribed from Randal Bays’ recording “The Salmon’s Leap.” A marching tune from the Irish rising of 1798. Randal paired this with his own composition “The Ninety-Nine March,” which I’ll post later. They make a nice set.

Chord Changes

Anyone know the chord changes for this on guitar.??


I say it’s a 4/4 march, not a reel.

Yes, but we don’t have a category for ‘March’ here, so a submitter chooses their option, I tend to put them under barndance, which is also 4/4, because the tunes were also used for dance, from 2-hand/couple, to larger groupings, including the quadrilles and the grand march or polonaise…

Tunes ~ Search ~ March

Oh yes, the “Why” of it ~ because marches come 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8 ~ 😏 So, no individual category. But, if you go to ‘Tunes’, and then click on ‘Search, and then enter just ‘march’ in space offered, and unless you feel the need to ~ don’t select anything else from the drop down options ~ and you’ll get a good example. That’s a work in progress…

The 98 not on the Bodega album

Sorry, new to this community, so not sure how to edit… thought it might help to know that the tune on the Bodega Under the Counter album is actually The 98 Jig and not this tune. Cheers!

Guitar chords

The chords represent my best effort of transcribing what I heard in the amazing Bays - McManus video above; I just wish we could have seen the guitarist’s left hand in order to chord shadow 🙁

I acknowledge that the guitarist added a bit more “color” that what appears below, especially in regards to passing chords (like he suspended the A9 on the last time through).

X: 1
T: Ninety-Eight March
R: reel

M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
gf|“Em”e3/2f/2 ed eB (3B/2c/2B/2 A|B3/2e/2 ed e2“D“ed|
“Em”B3/2c/2 BA GE “D”3E/2F/2E/2 D|“Cmaj7”E6“D“ef|
“G”g3/2a/2 ge “D”d2ef| “Em”(3g/2a/2g/2 e dB “D”e2ed|
“Cmaj7”B3/2c/2 BA “Bm7”GE (3E/2F/2E/2 D|“Em”E6“D“GA|
“G”B3/2d/2 ef g2 (3f/2g/2f/2 e|“D”d3/2{e}d/2 dB A2GA|
“Em”Be ef ed dB|“A9”e6ef|“G”g3/2a/2 ge “D”d2ef|
“Em”(3g/2a/2g/2 e dB e2ed|“Cmaj7”B3/2c/2 BA “Bm7”G2E2|“Em”E6:|

mikeyjc-unless I’m mistaken Tony is only playing on the second tune,so your chords are for the 99 March,not the 98

I was mistaken-should have checked the midi before posting-sorry