Bulgarian Red reel

By Charlie McKerron

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Bulgarian Red
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
Addc d2 dB|c2 cA BGGB|Addc d2 de|f2 fa geef|
Addc d2 dB|c2 cA BGGA|B2 BG c2 ce|1 f2 fa geef:|2 f2 fa geef||
dA (3AAA fAeA|dA (3AAA dece|dA (3AAA fAeA|f2 fa geef|
dA (3AAA fAeA|dA (3AAA decA|B2 BG c2 ce|1 f2 fa geef:|2 f2 fa geef||
X: 2
T: Bulgarian Red
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:Add^c (3dcd dB|c2 cA _BGGB|Add^c d2 de|(3fga ge fde^c|
Add^c d3 B|c2 cA _BG (3GGG|Ad (3_BAG c2 ce|f2 (3fga gefe:|
|:dA (3AAA fA (3AAA|dAfA ge^ce|dA (3AAA fAFA|(3fga ge (3fga e^c|
dA (3AAA fAFA|dA (3AAA de(3^cBA|_B2 BG c2 ce|f2 fa ge (3eee:|

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Bulgarian Red

Composed by Charlie McKerron.

It’s been recorded by Capercaillie on their Live in Concert album as part of the Rob Roy Reels set:
a. The Road to Rio b. Bulgarian Red c. Shetland Reel d. The Gesto Reel e. Kiss The Maid Behind the Barrel f. The Rob Roy Reel

It’s in Ddor, but that doesn’t matter…

cheers for posting this drizzt, I’ve been meaning to learn it to practice all the akward notes it presents to pipers :-s but haven’t had a recording or dots.

After the Irish Spring Tour in Germany with Méabh O’ Hare and Conor Byrne I bought their Cd BAVAN, where you can listen to an excellent playing of this tune. I did it a million (?) times. Great stuff!

Fourth bar

I play the fourth bar (and all identical bars) as |f2fe geec|.
The tune is popular in the Borders at the moment.

"Bulgarian Red" ~ oaked! ~ having a bit of fun… 😉

K: D Dorian
|: Add^c (3dcd dB | c2 cA _BGGB | Add^c d2 de | (3fga ge fde^c |
Ad-d^c d3 B | c2 cA _BG (3GGG | Ad (3_BAG c2 ce| f2 (3fga gefe :|
|: dA (3AAA fA (3AAA | dAfA ge^ce | dA (3AAA fAFA | (3fga ge (3fga e^c |
dA (3AAA fAFA | dA (3AAA de(3^cBA | _B2 BG c2 ce | f2 fa ge (3eee :|

Though my tendency here was to play it as a single reel without the repeats…

First heard on Zama zama and now I’m addicted to it!

Re: Bulgarian Red

This tune seems to me to bear some similarity to a lovely tune, "Dry Grass On The High Fields" written by Norman Blake, at least by 1975, as this is the date wikipedia gives for his LP "Live at McCabe’s". Various youtube videos say it was 1976 - rounadbout then anyway. And due credit to Nancy Blake’s playing, obviously.
One of the videos of the LP track:

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