Dumbarton’s Drums reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dumbarton's Drums
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:de|f4 fgfe|d2a2 a2gf|edef gfed|B4 B2AB|
d3e fedB|AfAB d3f|edef gfed|B4 B2:|
|:AB|d2f2 defd|edef gfed|edef gfed|B2e2 e2dB|
ABde fedB|AfAB d3f|edef gfed|B4 B2:|

Three comments

Dumbarton’s Drums

Dumbarton’s Drums originated as a march, which was particularly associated with the Royal Scots. The version given here is one often played as a reel by Scottish dance bands. It is not the same as the melody for the song "Dumbarton’s Drums", although the chorus of the song evidently refers to the march. It could probably be annotated in 2/4 as well as 4/4.

Re: Dumbarton’s Drums

Apparently there is an early version of this tune from the 17th century (in Playford, although I haven’t seen it). It can be found, however, in ‘Musick for Allan Ramsay’ from 1720, so it is a very old tune.

Re: Dumbarton’s Drums

Nigel: yes, you are right. In the 17th century it was recorded as the march of the 1st Regiment of Foot and it is still played by the Royal Scots (as the regiment later became known). The pipe march as played by the Royal Scots today is slightly different from the reel version given above.