Tom Dayhill’s Fiddle hornpipe

Also known as Nehyl’s Fiddle.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tom Dayhill's Fiddle
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G2GF GBBA|GA (3BAG g2 ef|gage dBGA|BA (3BAG AGED|
G2GF GBBA|GA (3BAG g2 ef|gage dBGB|1 AGED G2D2:|2 AGED G4||
|:gfga (3bag dB|GA (3BAG g2 ef|gage dBGA|BA (3BAG AGED|
G2GF GBBA|GA (3BAG g2 ef|gage dBGB|1 AGED G4:|2 AGED G2D2||

Four comments

Re: Nehyl’s Fiddle

I have no idea how it happened if you just posted it a half hour ago, but this hornpipe has linked to “Tom Dayhill’s Fiddle”, a tune recorded on Niamh ni Charra’s tribute album to “Cuz” Teahan which I’ve just listened to to check. Therein lies the answer.
Track #10 sleeve notes say : “The second hornpipe was written [ I presume by Cuz Teahan ] for Tom Dayhill, one of a family of musicians based in Chicago whom Cuz played with regularly”.
“Nehyl” rhymes with “Dayhill”. The Doody album was notorious for having invented titles to go on the recording so that the whole record didn’t consist of tunes called “Gan Ainm”.

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Re: Nehyl’s Fiddle

That must be it! Maybe he sneezed when reading out the title, as in this case sounds like like he did know the real one. I linked the tune to that other recording after looking it up on, but because this recording is earlier I went with this title, but sounds likely it should change - perhaps I’ll do that.

Re: Tom Dayhill’s Fiddle

That would be “proper”.

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