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X: 1
T: Sarah's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,2|"D"DEF "A"EFG|"D"F2D DFG|"D"AFA "G"B2c|"D"d3 -d2A|
"G"Bcd dcB|"D"A2d AFG|"D"A2d AGF|"A"E2F GFE|
"D"DEF "A"EFG|"D"FDD DFG|"D"AFA "G"B2c|"D"d3 -d2e|
"D"fgf "A"efe|"Bm"ded "F#m"cBA|"G"Bcd "A7"ecA|"D"d3 -d2||
|:e|"D"fgf fed|"A"ecA Ade|"D"fgf fed|"A"ecA A2G|
"D"FGA "Em"GAB|"F#m"ABc "G"dcB|"A7"Agf edc|"D"d3 -d3:|
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Composed in 1977 by Bob McQuillen (June 27, 1923 - February 4, 2014)

Video for the fiddle:

Background: It was printed in the Seattle Collection, and a fiddler who lives part-time in Spokane learned it from there and introduced us to it. It was also printed in the Portland Collection (1977), page 175. From the documentation elsewhere, it is made for a contra dance, in the key of D, Ionian mode, played ABB.

Here is an interview with Bob:

This is the biography from that video’s description:

Longtime resident of Peterborough, Bob or "Mac" as he was known, was a much beloved member of the contra dance community and was a tireless performer who crisscrossed the state and the country to play for dance halls in small town halls, major festival venues and for family gatherings for over 60 years.

Bob taught four young musicians to play the piano for contra dances through the NH State Council on the Arts Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. In 2004 Lynn Martin Graton interviewed Bob about his first involvement in contra dance music, why he liked playing for dances, and why teaching meant so much to him.

Bob was the recipient of a Governor’s Arts Award in 1997, a National Heritage Fellowship Award from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2002, and a Lifetime Contribution Award from the Country Song & Dance Society in 2009.

Visit the Arts Council website to learn more about Bob McQuillen and his national impact on contra dance music and the community.

Additional information, including discography, is found on this Wikipedia page:

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