Bourrée barndance

Also known as Bourrée From Suite In Eminor By J.S. Bach BWV 996.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Bourrée
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
ef|g2 gf/e/ ^d2ef|{d}B2^c^d e2- e=d/=c/|{d}B2{d}BA/G/ F2GA|{B}BA GF E Bef|
g2 gf/e/ ^d2ef|B^c-^c^d e2 e=d/=c/|B2 BA/G/ JF3G|{B}G6|
ef|{a}g2 gf/e/ ^d2ef|B^c-{d}^c^d e2- e=d/=c/|B2BA/G/ F2GA|{B}BA GF E Bef|
g2 {a}gf/e/ ^d2ef|B^c-^c^d e2 e=d/=c/|{d}B2 BA/G/ TF3G|{B}G6|
{c}BG|d2Ac B~g2d|e2Bd c2BA|^G2AB c{G}cBA|{d}A4-A2dA|
{c}B~g2d e2Bd|^ceae ~f2^ce|dd^cB ^A3 B|B4-B fbf|
~^g2fe a2e=g|~f2ed g2d=f|e~a2e f2^ce|^d2B2 B2 eB|
c2 dA B2cG|A2BF G2 FE|^D2EF ~G2 FE|E6|
X: 2
T: Bourrée
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
ef|:g2 fe ^d2ef|B2^c^d e2=d=c|B2AG F2GA|BA GF E2 ef|
g2 fe ^d2ef|B2^c^d e2=d=c|B2 AG "tr"F3G|1 G6 ef:|2 G6 BG||
|:d2Ac B2gd|e2Bd c2BA|^G2AB c2BA|A6dA|
B2gd e2Bd|c2ae f2^ce|d2^cB "tr"^A3 B|B6 bf|
^g2fe a2e=g|f2ed g2d=f|e2ae f2^ce|^d2B4 eB|
c2 dA B2cG|A2BF G2 FE|^D2EF G2 FE|1 E6 BG:|2 E6||
GF|:E2A2B2A2|G2F2E2F2|G2A2B2A2|G2B2 EFGF|
E2A2B2A2|G2F2E2F2|G2c2d2D2|1 G6 GF:|2 G6G2||
e2=d2^c2=A2|d2=c2B2G2|c2B2A2F2|B3c BA^G2|
Aef2 =G^de2|F^c^d2 E2A2|B2A2B2B,2|1 E6 G2:|2 E6||
[K:clef=bass]G,F,|:E,2A,2B,2A,2|G,2F,2E,2F,2|G,2A,2B,2A,2|G,2B,2 E,F,G,F,|
E,2A,2B,2A,2|G,2F,2E,2F,2|G,2C2D2D,2|1 G,6 G,F,:|2 G,6G,2||
E2=D2^C2=A,2|D2=C2B,2G,2|C2B,2A,2F,2|B,3C B,A,^G,2|
A,EF2 =G,^DE2|F,^C^D2 E,2A,2|B,2A,2B,2B,,2|1 E,6 G,2:|2 E,6||

Eight comments

Re: Bourrée From Suite In Eminor By J.S. Bach BWV 996

Wow very nice!! I always wanted to have this music score, thanks!

Re: Bourrée

Sorry I made a mess in the last two lines, I fixed it now and it should be fine

Re: Bourrée

I learnt this in D Minor on the Boehm flute (which is the key Ian anderson uses when playing the first bit) and am now in the process of learning it in E Minor on the keyed wooden flute. I imagine introducing it as “here is a little German tune which has survived from the start of the 18th Century that I first heard at a rock concert…”

There is a base line to it as well that is well worth getting someone to learn to play with you (or vice versa).

Bourrée, X:2

This includes the second voice (bass line) from the original copunterpoint. I have repeated the bass line an octave higher in the treble clef in case two treble instruments want to play it. This version is completely free of ornaments since I am not sure myself what I want to play here - there are so many ways to slant this piece…

Re: Bourrée

There’s something not sounding quite right in the fifth bar (into the sixth bar) of the second part, Crackpot. Are you sure the last note is D# and not G# (which would be a more natural progression - E7 to Am rather than B7#9(?) to Am)?

Re: Bourrée

Oh, sorry, I got it wrong, it’s an E# you have in that bar, which, enharmonically (i.e., =F), kind of suggests G7 or E7b9 but I’ve no idea how it can be interpreted as E#.
G# fits in with the rising bass line: G - G# - A - A# - B.