Dave And Dan’s jig

By Tommy Peoples

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Dave And Dan’s

This is a jig Tommy Peoples wrote while spending time and going to sessions in the Boston area around 2003, as I understand it. It was named for and given to Dave Cory and Dan Isaacson, who recorded it on their album The Magic Square. In the liner notes Dan mentions that their session mates often jokingly called this the Dudes’ Jig. Tommy recorded it on his Live at Fiddler’s Hearth album and plays a characteristically ornamented setting on a YouTube video with Daithi Sproule here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LivlT1JyQrw. The setting I’ve given here is the more basic one from The Magic Square. The tune also works fine in D major, but it’s lovely on the fiddle in C.