Banbridge Town waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Banbridge Town
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
EG||"Am"A6|"F"A6|"C"c3d ec|"G"d3d cd|"Am"e3dc2|A3GE2|"Em"G6-|G2E2G2|
"F"A6|A4G2|"C"c3d ec|"G"d3d cd|"Am"e3dc2|A4G2|"Am"A6-|A4e2||
"C"g4e2|e3dc2|"G"d6|d3d cd|"Am"e3d c2|"F"A3G E2|"Em"G6-|G2E2G2|
"F"A6|A4G2|"C"c3d ec|"G"d3d cd|"Am"e3dc2|"D"A4G2|"Am"A6-|A4||

Three comments

Banbridge Town

Source: Benny McCarthy
Transcription: Gian Marco Pietrasanta
Note: Benny recorded it in G minor

Re: Banbridge Town

Like all the best tunes, this one is uncomplicated but distinctive. I know it mainly as the melody to the song ‘Banks of Newfoundland’ (given in ‘The Singing Island’ collection: Ed. Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl, Mills Music, 1960). To my ear, it fits into that family of closely-related tunes that includes ‘The Star of the County Down’.

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Re: Banbridge Town

AKA Star of the County Down.

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