The Crown At Portpatrick mazurka

By Nigel Gatherer

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Crown At Portpatrick
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:AF|D2 cd AF|D2 cd AF|GB ed cB|AB AG FE|
D2 cd AF|D2 cd AF|GB ed cA|d4:|
|:de|f2 fa ge|f2 Ad fd|e2 Ac ef|gf ed cA|
f2 fa ge|f2 Ad fd|ef ge cA|d4:|

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The Crown At Portpatrick

I think I may have first learned this one at workshop with Johnny Cradden during the early days of The ALP(It was called that then 😛 )

I’ve been browsing through some of my old music of late and rediscovering some old favourites and I particularly liked this tune.

It was composed by one of our more esteemed members and, perhaps, Nigel might be kind enough to offer some history about the tune and confirm that the submission is OK?
It’s in 3/4 time but I think it sounds more like a mazurka than a waltz?

I also presume it’s written in honour of the pub/hotel there which is a very popular session venue when musicians are in town

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Portpatrick is a lovely coastal village in South West Scotland from where you can see Ireland. I went there camping many years ago and had a memorable meal at The Crown Hotel - nothing to do with a session, I’m afraid. I remember at the time describing the tune as a mazurka because I knew it wasn’t quite a waltz. It’s probably not quite a maurka either!

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Thanks, Nigel.
I hadn’t realised that you had described it as a mazurka yourself. It just seemed that way to me as well.
In the transcription I have, the bars with the quavers are written as six notes together e.g. in Bar 3 "GBedcB". I changed it to two groups of three in each case as you can see above….
I’m wondering if I’ve done the right thing or does it make much difference?

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Hi… two things. Firstly you were pondering about your approach to the set of six notes, eg GBedcB. In a mazurka they’d normally be set out as GB ed cB rather than GBe dcB.

Secondly can I check that neither part of the tune repeats? Seems to me that the tune cries out for a repeat of each part…



Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Aiden, I think you may have a point about the notes.
I’m not sure what Nigel thinks but I could just add another setting and both possibilities could be shown.

There were no repeats in the handwritten copy I received but they could be added, I’m quite sure, according to taste.

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

My setting does repeat. The slight differences are:

1) the lead-in notes: in the A part I play | AF |, and in the B part |de |;
2) as Aidan says, I would write GB ed cB rather than GBe dcB.

Otherwise, it’s as I play it.

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Thanks again, Nigel.

At this early stage, I thought it best to edit my original submission. I realise a few people have already downloaded the tune but they should still be able to play it either way

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Just one more thing… I think the final note in the first part should be d4 rather than d2.

That’s a very minor quibble. It’s a lovely tune and I take it from all of the above that it’s one of Nigel’s compositions? That being the case, take a bow Nigel. It’s a cracking mazurka … and the world is a better place for mazurkas!!

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

You’re right. My mistake, sorry. Fixed now.

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

No worries. As I say, it was a minor quibble. And it seems we have an acquaintanceship in common with Mr Cradden!

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Yes, I’m not sure what he’s up to now.

He moved up to The Highlands circa late nineties/early 2000’s but he doesn’t live up there now.
Of course, he was based in Edinburgh for many years before that and actually lived around the corner from me for a while. We just met at sessions and so on, apart from the time he taught us at the ALP.
Johnny’s class mutated into the "West Edinburgh Folk Group" (later Skeewud) and became independent of the organisation. I didn’t feel quite ready to go with them at that stage and continued to attend other various classes with The ALP and later SMG over the years.

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

Johnny has moved about over the last few years, mainly between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and last time I heard he had moved back to Edinburgh. I saw him quite often when he was in Glasgow, and I engaged him as a guitar tutor for the GFW traditional music classes. I’d sometimes go visit him before the classes and we’d have a few tunes together. He was a big influence on me in the early days and I learned a lot from him.

Re: The Crown At Portpatrick

That’s wonderful thing to do and the tune *sounds* great too.

See what I(And Nigel too, of course) have started? 🙂