The Forgandenny Golfer reel

By Willie Hunter

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Forgandenny Golfer
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:(AB)|cBAF (EF)(EC)|EFAB c2 (BA)|ceef ecaf|ecBA B2 (AB)|
cBAF EFEC|EFAB c2 (BA)|ceef e(cdB)|c2 A2 A2:|
(AB)|cff^e fgf=e|cff^e f2 (=ec)|Bee^d efec|Bee^d e2 (=de)|
cff^e fgf=e|cff^e f2 (=ec)|cdcA BdcB|A2 F2 F2 (AB)|
cff^e fgf=e|cff^e f2 (=ec)|Bee^d egba|gfe^d e2 (ef)|
aecB GAce|fdAF DFAF|EFGA B(cdB)|c2 A2 A4||

Six comments

The Forgandenny Golfer

This a great Willie Hunter tune which he wrote for Jimmy Blue who aside from being a well known Scottish musician was also a very keen golfer.

There are some perfromances of this tune which aren’t for the “faint hearted” but it doesn’t necessarily require to be played “hell for leather”. It also sounds excellent at a more steady pace.

Re: The Forgandenny Golfer

Where did you get it, JJ?

Re: The Forgandenny Golfer

We played it at an Inverness Fiddlers Rally and that’s the setting I’ve used here.

It’s been recorded by Blazin’ Fiddles though(See Recordings) and here’s another rather hectic version here featuring Cameron Watt…

I’m not sure if it is available by Willie Hunter himself but it doesn’t appear to be on any of the three albums I have.

Re: The Forgandenny Golfer

Fiddlers’ Rallies, Strathspey & Reel Societies, Accordion & Fiddle Clubs, etc, can be a great source of tunes. I’ve got some really good tunes and sets from their repertoires, some I haven’t encountered elsewhere.

The Forgandenny Golfer is in ‘The Music of Willie Hunter’ (Lerwick 2013), where it says that Jimmy Blue and Willie played golf together often, when Willie visited the mainland. It’s pretty musch as you have it, but without the bowing and without the extra beat in the final bar. I like the tune.

Re: The Forgandenny Golfer

We learned it one year at Blazininbeauly from Angus Lyon of Blazin’ Fiddles in the keyboard workshop too. Challenging tune and chords!