One recording of
Allistrum’s March
A Tailor I Am

Allistrum’s March (jig) is also known as Alaisdrum’s March, Alasdruim’s March, Alexander’s March, Alisdrum’s March, Alistrum’s March, Allastrom’s March, Allistrom’s March, Allistrum’s, Allistrum’s March 1, Allistrum’s March 2, MacAllisdrum’s March, MacAllistrum’s March, MacDonnell’s March, Mairseáil Alasdraim, Máirseail Alasdroim, Mairseal Alisdruim, Marseail Alasdroim, McAllistruim’s March, Ollistrum’s March.

A Tailor I Am (jig) is also known as Paddy Cronin’s.

The Penny Wager by Open The Door For Three

  1. Allistrum’s March
  2. A Tailor I Am
  3. Black Donald The Piper