One recording of
Allistrum’s March
The Humours Of Ayle House

Allistrum’s March (jig) is also known as Alaisdrum’s March, Alasdruim’s March, Alexander’s March, Alisdrum’s March, Alistrum’s March, Allastrom’s March, Allistrom’s March, Allistrum’s, Allistrum’s March 1, Allistrum’s March 2, MacAllisdrum’s March, MacAllistrum’s March, MacDonnell’s March, Mairseáil Alasdraim, Máirseail Alasdroim, Mairseal Alisdruim, Marseail Alasdroim, McAllistruim’s March, Ollistrum’s March.

The Humours Of Ayle House (jig) is also known as Boring The Leather, Come With Me Now, The Kilfinane, When You Go Home, The Humors Of Ayle House.

The Rookery by Emmett Gill And Jesse Smith

  1. The Kilfinane
  2. Allistrum’s March