Two recordings of
Allistrum’s March
Peter Byrne’s

Allistrum’s March (jig) is also known as Alaisdrum’s March, Alasdruim’s March, Alexander’s March, Alisdrum’s March, Alistrum’s March, Allastrom’s March, Allistrom’s March, Allistrum’s, Allistrum’s March 1, Allistrum’s March 2, MacAllisdrum’s March, MacAllistrum’s March, MacDonnell’s March, Mairseáil Alasdraim, Máirseail Alasdroim, Mairseal Alisdruim, Marseail Alasdroim, McAllistruim’s March, Ollistrum’s March.

Peter Byrne’s (jig) is also known as Peter Byrne’s Fancy, Peter O’Byrne’s Fancy, Peter O’Byrnes’s Fancy.

Sophie & Fiachra by Sophie & Fiachra

  1. Alexander’s
  2. Peter O’Byrne’s Fancy

Traditional Irish And Quebecoise Music by Sophie Lavoie And Fiachra O'Regan

  1. Alexander’s March
  2. Peter O’Byrne’s Fancy