One recording of
Allistrum’s March
Patsy Geary’s

Allistrum’s March (jig) is also known as Alaisdrum’s March, Alasdruim’s March, Alexander’s March, Alisdrum’s March, Alistrum’s March, Allastrom’s March, Allistrom’s March, Allistrum’s, Allistrum’s March 1, Allistrum’s March 2, MacAllisdrum’s March, MacAllistrum’s March, MacDonnell’s March, Mairseáil Alasdraim, Máirseail Alasdroim, Mairseal Alisdruim, Marseail Alasdroim, McAllistruim’s March, Ollistrum’s March.

Patsy Geary’s (jig) is also known as An Cru Capaill, Bryony Lemon’s, The Horse Shoe, The Horseshoe.

Moyne Road by The Bonny Men

  1. Hardiman The Fiddler
  2. The Horse Shoe
  3. Mairseáil Alasdraim