One recording of
Tigh Rabhartaigh
Reaping The Rye

Tigh Rabhartaigh (slip jig) is also known as Rafferty’s House, Tí Rafferty, Tig Rabhartaigh, Tig Rafferty, Tigh Na Rabhartaigh, Tigh Rafairtaigh, Tigh Rafferty, Tigh Raifeartaigh, Tigh Raifeirtaigh, Tir Rabhartaigh, Tir Rafartaigh.

Reaping The Rye (slip jig) is also known as Reaping The Ryegrass.

New Roads by Cosán

  1. Smiler
  2. Tigh Rabhartaigh
  3. Reaping The Rye