Two recordings of
The Hills Of Coore
The Luachrachán’s

The Hills Of Coore (hornpipe) is also known as Harvey Street, Hills Of Coor, The Hills Of Coor, Junior Crehan’s, The Listowel.

The Luachrachán’s (jig) is also known as An Laudarán, An Luachrachán, An Luaradan, An Luradán, An Lurgadan, Crehan’s, Crehan’s Fiddle, Dermot Grogan’s, Grogan’s, Junior Creahans, Junior Crehan’s, Labhradhán, The Lauchrachán, The Leprechann, The Leprechaun, Load Her On, Loathe Her On, Loather On, The Looharadhawn’s, Loradán, The Luachrachán, The Luachrachán’s, Luaithread, The Luaithreadán’s, The Luathradáin’s, The Luathradán, Luathradawn’s, Lúdarán, The Lúradán, Lúradán’s, The Lúradán’s, Lurgadán, The Lurgadan’s, The Lurgadaun, The Luthradán, Peter Horan’s, Poirt An Luathradàn, Port An Lucharachain, Tony Smith’s.

A Touch Of Clare by Kitty Hayes

  1. The Hills Of Coore
  2. The Stack Of Oats
  3. Junior Crehan’s

For The Same Reason by Anders Trabjerg And Tak Tamura

  1. The Hills Of Coor
  2. Junior Crehan’s