Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass reel

Also known as Hey Ho! My Bonnie Lass.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|A2 ec efae|c2 AB c2 Bc|A2 ec efac|B2 Bc f2 ef|
A2 ec efae|c2 AB c2 Bc|dfBd ceAc|Bcde fefg||
a2 af efae|c2 AB c2 Bc|a2 af efac|B2 Bc fefg|
agaf efae|c2 AB c2 BA|dfBd ceAc|Bcde f2 e2||

Three comments

Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass

This is another tune which was a part of the same set I learned in Elgin along with The Snow Shoers and Irish Stew.

I note that our Nigel has transcribed this tune elsewhere from an Iain MacPhail recording where the title was given as “Hey Ho! My Bonnie Lass”

There are one or two slight variations but nothing too significant. Perhaps, Nigel might wish to add his one here too?

Re: Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass

I think the MacPhail setting is too close to your Elgin setting to post, JJ.

Re: Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass

Fair enough.

There seems to be very slight difference in Bars 8 and 13 but not enough to worry about.

I think my “rule of thumb” is not to stress myself about slight variations as long as my setting doesn’t clash with the other one. Obviously, if that is the case then I have to either learn the new one or adapt my own enough to blend in.