The Laird Of Foveran three-two

Also known as Pearlin Peggie’s Bonny.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Laird Of Foveran
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:eA A/B/d/B/ AG|eA A/B/d/e/ g2|eA A/B/d/B/ AG|c c/d/ e d/B/ A2:|
aa/g/ed/B/AG|aa/g/eg/a/b2|aa/g/ed/B/AG|c c/d/ e d/B/ A2|
aa/g/ed/B/AG|aa/g/eg/a/b2|a/b/a/g/ed/B/AG|c/B/c/d/ e/d/g/B/ A2|

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Re: The Laird Of Foveran

Thanks for posting this. Nice tune.

By the way, you have a high A as the last note in the 2nd bar. In the video, I hear it as a Gnat.

Re: The Laird Of Foveran


Re: The Laird Of Foveran

P.S. and in the 4th bar of the B part, I think you left out an initial C quarter note.

Re: The Laird Of Foveran

Thank again, probably it’s a secondary effect of the covid-19 😞

Re: The Laird Of Foveran

Worthwhile noting the digital downloadable collection of sheets music Matt refers to at The National library of Scotland.
I didnt know about this one.
Anything that isnt digitalised and downloadable they will photcopy
They also have an amazing digital collection of maps,charts and old books for anyone interested in Scotland and not forgetting an interesting
collection of Picture postcards dating back over 150 years.
My interest in this being that it includes several pics of my house circa 1930 and circa 1870