Dugald Gillespie jig

By Angus Lawrie

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dugald Gillespie
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|d>dd e>fg|a3 f2e|d2f e>dB|A3 -A2A|
[1d>dd e>fg|a3 f2e|d2f g>df|e3 -e2:|
[2B>dd c>ee|d3 g2f|e>AA A>fe|d6||
|:f3 a3|f>ge d3|f>ed d>cB|
[1A6|f3 a3|f>ge d3|a>fd A>gf|e6:|
[2A3 -A2A|B>dd c>ee|d3 g2f|e>AA A>fe|d3 -d>fe||
|:d3 A3|B>GB A3|f>ed d>cB|
[1A3 -A>fe|d3 A3|B>GB A3|a>fd A>gf|e3 -e>fe:|
[2A3 -A2A|B>dd c>ee|d3 g2f|e>AA A>fe|d6||
a3 f2a|f>ge d3|f>ed d>cB|A6|
a3 f2a|f>ge d3|a>fd A>gf|e3 -e>fe|
d3 d>cd|e3 A3|f2e d>ef|g3 d>cB|
A>dd c>ee|d3 g2f|e>AA A>fe|d3 -d2||

One comment

Dugald Gillespie

This tune is a march by Angus Lawrie (composer of “George McHardy”).

I’ve transcribed this from the playing of Allan Henderson on “Estd ~ 1976”. Allan plays each 16-bar part twice but I’ve shown it here just once through each part - as pipers would most likely play it (and the way I prefer it). A piper friend told me it was composed in 12/8 but I’ve transcribed it in 6/8 as it’s certainly not to be taken at slide speed - you want to hear the “dots and cuts”. The pipe versions I’ve heard have a cut and dot at the start second and sixth bars of the third part (i.e., B<GB) but Allan Henderson plays it as transcribed here.

Dugald Gilliespie, known as Dougie, and originally from Portnahavan in Islay, died aged 87 in 2021. He won a gold medal for singing at the Mod in Fort William in 1981 but was better known as administrator of Strathclyde Police Pipe Band for many years (including during their run of six consecutive world titles), although he wasn’t a piper himself. The tune became very popular after Strathclyde Police played it in competitions in the early 1980’s and is published in the Gordon Highlanders Collection.