Ukraine National Anthem march

By Mykhailo Verbytsky

Also known as Shche Ne Vmerla Ukrayini I Slava, I Volya, Ukraine Is Not Yet Lost.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ukraine National Anthem
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
"G"B3B BABc|d3c B2"D#m"A2|"Em"G2B2"B"F2B2|"Em"E3F G2"D"A2|
"G"B3B BABc|d3c B2"B7"A2|"Em"G2B2"B"F2B2|"Em"E4 E2z2|
"B"F3F BAGF|"Em"EFGE "B"F2F2|"Em"G2G2"D"A2A2|"G"B4 B2z2|
"B"F3F BAGF|"Em"EFGE "B"F2F2|"Em"G2B2"B"F2B2|"Em"E3F GABc||
|:"G"d3^c d2B2|"D"A2A2 dc"D#"BA|"Em"G2G2 "D"A2A2|"G"B3A GA"D7"Bc|
"G"d3^c d2B2|"D"A2A2 dc"D#"BA|"Em"G2B2 F2B2|1 "Em"E3F GABc:|2 "Em"e4 e4||

Four comments

Ukraine National Anthem

I could not resist the temptation to distribute this beautiful slow march from somewhere in central Europe possibly close to the original home of Celtic Culture.
Play it thoughtfully.

Re: Ukraine National Anthem

Just heard it and some more Ukrainian songs on a anti war rally in Zurich this week. Song by a local Ukrainian Choir and in the case of the anthem by the some hundred Ukraines in the crowd. These songs are all very melanchonic and moving, even more in the current sad situation.

Re: Ukraine National Anthem

there’s a fine version by Scots fiddler Paul Anderson on Youtube if you can find it