Gol Na MBhan San Ár reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gol Na MBhan San Ár
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
D8 -|D2 EG A2 B2|c8|B2c2A4-|A4 B4-|B2 c/2B/2A (3BG-G -G2-|G8|A2-AB/2A/2 (3GBG A2|E8|
(3cc-c-c2 (3BB-B (3AA-A -|AB AG/2^F/2 G4-|G4 D4-|D2 EG A2 B2|c8|B2c2A4 -|A4 B4-|B2c2(3 BcBG2-|G4A4|
(3GBG-G2 (3:2A2-A2G2|(3:2:E2-E2 A2 D4-|D8|A3A A2G2-|G8|A4A2E2-|E8|A3GE3A|D8-|D8|A4A2G2-|G8|
A4A2E2-|E8|A3GE3A|D8-|D8|D8|A6(3B^cd-|d2/3e2/3^f2/3 f4-|f2g2 a2/3g2/3g2/3|g8|d2^f4d2|
(3ec-c-c2d2c2|A2-(3AGE D2EG|A8|A2-(3AB^c de^f2|^f4g2a2|gg-g6|^fe (3fed (3ed^c (3d^cA|
(3cAG (3AGE (3GED E/2^F/2E|A8|D8 -|D2EGA2B2|c8|B2c2A4-|A8|B6c2|(3BcB G6|A3B/2A/2 (3GBG A2|
E8-|E4 cc3|(3BB-B (3AA-A-A4|(3BcB AG/2^F/2G4-|G8|D2-(3DEG A2B2|c4B2c2|A8|B3c (3BcB G2-|
G4 A3A|GBG2 A3G|E3A D4-|D8|A3A A2 G2-|G4 A3A|A2E6|A3GE3A|D8|D2E2^F^F3|
A2^F2GG3|^F2E4E2|D8-|D8|A2-(3AB^c d2e2|^ff3-f4|g4a4|gg3-g4|d2^f3d e<c|
d2c2A2 -(3AGE|D2-(3DEGA4|A2-(3AB^c d2e2|^ff3-f4|g4a4|gg3-g4|^f2e2(3fed (3ed^c|
(3d^cA (3=cAG (3AGE (3GED|E/2^F/2E A6|D8||