Idir Deighric ‘Gus Breo’ waltz

Also known as Between The Hills, Idir Aird Mhor Is Eochaill, Idir Deighric ‘gus Breo, Idir Deighric Gus Breo.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Idir Deighric 'Gus Breo'
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
A3/2B/A {B}A3/2 G/A|c3/2d/e fza|{f}g/e/zec d2B/A/|
G2E G2E/G/|A3/2B/A {B}A3/2 G/A|c3/2d/e fza/f/|
g/e/zc d2(3B/A/G/|A3 {B}A3|Ja3/2b/a g3/2a/g|
f3/2e/d c2d|{f}e {b}a/e/f/{a}g/ f3/2e/d|e3/2c/A G2E/G/|
A3/2B/A {B}A3/2 G/A|c3/2d/e fza/f/|
g/e/zc d2(3B/A/G/|A3 {B}A3:|

Eight comments

Fantastic Aire

Heard this on many years ago off a Florie Brown release. I heard it again as a gaelic song from Danu. Play it quite slow.

Yep, Play it at about half the tempo of the midi. 🙂

Gus Breo

Listen to Matt Molloy’s great versio, too!

With Feeling

Siamsa T


ok folks what does the title translate to?


Idir Deighric ‘gus Breo
aka Idir Deighric agus Breo
aka Idir Deighric is Breo

translates as "Between Dyrick and Broe" which are two hills (and two townlands named after the hills) in Leic Dhobhrain (Lickoran) parish in Co. Waterford.

You can hear the song from which the air comes on Padraig O Cearbhaill’s Amhrain na Sead (on Clo Iar-Chonnachta)

Amazing how titles can get mangled: I once saw this listed as "Gus Breo’s"

Fágaimid siúd mar atá sé

…sounds like the song ‘The Limerick Rake" ..