I’ll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes jig

Also known as Hexham Quadrille, I’ll Get Wedded In My Auld Clothes.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: I'll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d|:gfg dBG|BAG E2D|GAB BAG|GBe def|
gfg dBG|BAG E2D|GBd DFA|1 BGG G2d:|2 BGG G2B||
|:c2A F2D|G2B d2B|cec AFD|GBd gfa|
gdB GBd|ecG EGc|dBG DFA|1 BGG G2B:|2 BGG G2d||
|:dBd gbg|ece a2g|~f3 def|gba gfe|
dBd gbg|ece a2g|f2d cBA|BGG G2d:|
X: 2
T: I'll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d|:"G"gfg dBG|"Am"BAG E2D|"G"GAB BAG|"Em"GBe "D"def|
"G"gfg dBG|"Am"BAG E2D|"G"GBd "D"DFA|1 "G"BGG G2d:|2 "G"BGG G2B||
|:"D"c2A F2D|"G"G2B d2B|"Am"cec "D"AFD|"G"GBd "D"gfa|
"G"gdB GBd|"C"ecG EGc|"G"dBG "D"DFA|1 "G"BGG G2B:|2 "G"BGG G2d||
|:"G"dBd gbg|"Am"ece a2g|"D"~f3 def|"G"gba gfe|
"G"dBd gbg|"Am"ece a2g|"D"f2d cBA|"G"BGG G2d:|

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I’ll Get Wedded in My Auld Claues

Also known as the Hexham Quadrille

Hexham Quadrille

A useful tune in any band’s repertoire as its a 48bar Jig. Its firmly part of the Northumbrian cannon but its probably mpore properly called a borders tune.
The Angels of the North cross traditions and link it with the Ship in Full Sail. its a good lively set

On richard thompson’s _strict tempo_

this jig is on richard thompson’s old _strict tempo_ album, but he calls it ‘the random jig’. by any name a sweet track. that album is indispensible to me. thanks to dow for clearing up my confusion.

GIF is not useable…

The GIF image for this tune comes up black. It is readable in the window here, but the download version is black on black, and even copying the visible one comes up with a black on black version. Any help?


Works for me…

The download opens fine for me. So, the problem may lie in your computer. As an alternative, copy the ABC version of the tune and plug it into concertina.net, which generate a PDF of the sheet music for you.

Best of luck!

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2nd setting

Adding chords, slightly different from those found in the Robin Williamson book.


The title of this one is (almost) the old Tyneside title of My Wife’s A Wanton Wee Thing.

Hexham Quadrille - Random

I haven;t got Richard Thompson’s strict tempo to hand but would note that Random Notes is a completely separate 48 bar jig to the hexham Quadrille/I’ll get wedded in my auld claes. I believe Random Notes is a james Hill tune and the Angels of the North pair it with robert topliffe’s 48 bar version of Elsie marlie which is rarely played elsewhere.