Balfour Road reel

By Rhona Dalling

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One setting

X: 1
T: Balfour Road
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:!downbow! A,B,DE "D"{E}F2F2|EFED "G"G,4|!upbow! (EF)ED "Bm" B,2 B,2|A,B,DE "D"D2 DD|
!upbow! (A,B,)DE "D"{E}F2F2|EFED "G" G,4|!upbow! (EF)ED "Bm" B,2 !upbow! (DE)|1 "G" D2 !upbow! (DE) "D" D2 A,2:|2 "G" D2 (DE) "D" D2> !upbow! (D2||
|:!upbow! (EF))ED "G" B,4|!upbow! (EF)ED "D" A,4|!upbow! (EF)ED "Bm" B,2 B,2|"A" A,B,DE "D" D2 DD:|
|:!upbow! (DF)Ac "D" d2 d2|cdcA "D" F4|(AB)AF "A" E2> !upbow! (D2|EF)ED "G" B,2 B,2|
DFAc "D" d2d2|dcAF "G" B4|(BA)FD "A" E2> {F2E2}D2|1 "G" D2 (DE) "D"D2 D2:|2 "G"D2 (DE) "D" D4||

Two comments

Balfour Road

By Rhona Dalling

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Re: Balfour Road

Looking at my score from three years ago, I’ve got the first downbeat as the first F#, that is, with the first four notes as an anacrusis (before the barline). That’s where I feel the emphasis and it means the harmony changes on the 1 rather than the 3.