O’Connell’s Lamentation waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: O'Connell's Lamentation
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
E2|:"Am" A4 dc|:"Em" A2G2E2|"C"G2c2d2|"D"e2a2f2|"C"g3ec2|"Dm" d3cA2|"Em" G2E2F2|"G"G4 E2|
"Am" A4dc|"Em" A2G2E2|"C"c3 def|"Em" g2e2a2|"C" g3ec2|"Dm" d3cA2|"Am" A6|1 -A4 E2:|2 A4 ef||
|:"G"g3 f af|"Em" g3 b ag|"Dm" =f>e de =fd|"Am" e4 A2|
"C"c>B cd ef|g3e cA|"Em" G2E2c>A|"G" G2E2G2|
"Am" A2 AB cA|"G" B2 Bc dB|"C"c3d ef|"Em" g2e2a2|
"C" g3 ec2|"Dm" d3 cA|"Am" A6|1 A4 ef:|2 A4 AB||
|:"Am" c2E2F2|"Em" G4 AB|"C" c>B cd ef|"Em" g2e2a2|
"C" g>=f eg =fe|"Dm" d=f ed cB|"Am" c2E2F2|"G" G4 AB|
"Am" c2E2F2|"Em" G4 AB|"C"c>B cd ef|"Em" g2e2a2|
"C"g3e c2|"Dm" d3cA2|"Am" A6|-A4 AB:|

One comment

O’Connell’s Lamentation

I believe this was in O’Neill’s. Sounds like a very old tune.
This is dredged from my memory of the setting on an ancient cassette of Larsen and Dalglish’s 1976‘ Banish Misfortune’ album.