Golden Jubilee barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Golden Jubilee
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:A|"D" F A/A/ B A|F A2 d/d/|f f e d|"G" B3 d/e/|$
"D" f f e f|d B A A|"E" B e e f|"A7" e3 A/A/|$
"D" F A/A/ B A|F A2 d/e/|f f e d|"G" B3 d/e/|$
"D" f f e f|"G" d B"D" A A|"G" B d d"A7" e|"D" d3:|

Two comments

Golden Jubilee

I found this commented as a traditional Irish song. But I’ve also seen the cover of published sheet music from many decades ago noting the composer as “Marie Doherty.” Having searched many trad tune sites and not finding it anywhere, at this point it’s a toss-up. Also, thesession automatically assigned the L: value to 1/8. Obviously, the default here should be 1/4. You will have to make that mental adjustment on your own. Here are the lyrics. The chorus is sung/played before verse 2 and after verse 3.

[1] Way down in the County Kerry in a place they called Tralee,
A fine old couple they lived there called Kate and Pat McGee.
They were going to have a party on their Golden Jubilee.
And Kate says she to Pat McGee, come listen here to me.

Put on your old knee breeches, and your coat of em’rald green,
Take off that hat, me darling Pat. Put on your old caubeen.
For today’s our golden wedding, and we want them all to know
The way we looked when we were young, just fifty years ago.

[2] Ah well I do remember when we danced on the village green.
You held me in your arms, dear Pat, and called me your colleen.
Your hair wa slike the raven’s wind, but now it’s turning grey.
Come over here, old sweetheart dear, and hear what I have to say.

[3] Ah well I do remember when first I was your bride.
In the little chapel younder there where we sat side by side.
Oh, good things we had many. Of troubles we had few.
Come over here, old sweetheart dear, and here’s what we must do.


Re: Golden Jubilee

Sorry, JimAman, I’m confused. Why would you post an ABC file knowing that it is musically incorrect?
Why didn’t you just double all the note values?