The Ness Lassies’ reel

By Phil Cunningham

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

The Ness Lassies’ has been added to 4 tunebooks.

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Two comments

The Ness Lassies’

A Phil Cunningham tune composed in the nineties, I believe.

It made The Nineties collection, anyway, and is also available on the Ghillies recording.

I’m not sure if the tune was inspired by the young women from Ness in the Island of Lewis or, possibly, a group of women fiddlers who I think were an “offshoot” of The Inverness Fiddlers(?) during that era. There were also connections with Balnain House too, as I recall.

Anyway, Phil lived in Beauly around that time too and had quite a few associations with Balnain and Inverness in general. So, the latter suggestion is quite possible.

Anyway, it’s a good tune.

Re: The Ness Lassies’

Yes I agree-saw the Inverness Fiddlers for those who dont know it a mass fiddle band at EdenCourt Theatre Inverness back in 2000.
Anyway I shall add tune to my local collection of tunes.
Loch Ness