The Old Siege Of Valencia jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Old Siege Of Valencia
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
D|:E>AA A>Bc|B>AG e2f|g>fe d>cd|e>cA G>ED|
E>AA A>Bc|B>AG e2f|g>ed g>dB|1 A>BA A>GF:|2 A>BA A2d||
|:e>aa a>ga|b>ag a>gf|g>ag g>ed|e>aa g>ed|
e>aa a>ga|b>ag a>gf|g>ed g>dB|1 A>BA A2d:|2 A>BA A>GF||

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The Old Siege Of Valencia

Learned this great tune from the John Rea and Sean McAloon album “Drops of Brandy”. This tune features John playing solo before being joined by Sean on Lark in the Morning (which also features some really crazy sounding bodhran). He plays the whole tune in a very bouncy/snappy way, making it sound almost like a single jig. The album notes don’t seem to shed any light on this fairly obscure tune and I’m unable to find any other information about it online. If anyone has any info about this tune, it would be much appreciated!

Re: The Old Siege Of Valencia

Thanks for posting this. I’d also been looking for it in the ‘ether’ without success. The internet is full of the historical battle. I love the way John Rea plays his jigs in a dotted style, ie dot after the 1st & 4th notes in a bar then a 16th to follow, bit like in a hornpipe. Sounds very close to what you’ve posted, just an occasional missing note for a pause, for example in the B part.

His style of playing gets into your head. I can’t play Haste to the Wedding any other way now. It’s in the David Kettlewell Thesis/Tutor book & tape (yes tape) for the Hammered Dulcimer, published 1982 from Andy’s Front Hall in the USA. The field recording, (just under 1 & 1/2 mins long) doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else so must be incredibly rare now. The dots in his style are also in the book. I now have the recording in my itunes library along with his albums. Don’t know how to, or the legality of posting it here though.

Re: The Old Siege Of Valencia

Further to my post above, I’ve found the thesis online:
Click on Northern Ireland on the left, then to the side of John Rea’s name, it takes you to a page about John Rea. On the bottom left corner, click on the notes box, it takes you to a transcription of John Rea’s version of Haste to the Wedding.

Re: The Old Siege Of Valencia

May be related to the Downfall of Paris and Madam Bonaparte etc both of which I believe have their origins in the Napoleonic Wars and usually being an excuse to have a go at Napoleon and the French.

Re: The Old Siege Of Valencia

Thanks Graham for adding that link and info! Very cool to see that transcription and to read more about him. I love his dotted style. Pretty much all of the different tune types on this album and his solo album are played with that characteristic bounce, except reels, which he manages to straighten out and keep real fast.

@ffill, I figured that the name of the tune was probably something along those lines as well. its interesting that the other tunes you mentioned have been pretty well know and often recorded parts of the Irish trad repertoire for a long time but I haven’t been able to find any more info or recordings about this one at all. On the liner notes for his solo album it mentions that a lot of his jigs are attributed to the 18th century musician Walker Jackson, perhaps this tune is a one of his? Upon further inspection, Walker Jackson died about 13 years before the Siege of Valencia, so that route seems unlikely.

Re: The Old Siege Of Valencia

Also I updated the dots to better represent how its played in the reference recording