The Fields Of Athenry march

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Fields Of Athenry
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AA|"D" A2 A2 d e2 (f|f6) z f|"G" g3 g g2 a2|"D" ((f4 f)gfd)|"A" (e8|e4) z4|
"D" a a2 a4 f|"G" g2 a(g g3) f|"A" e8|z4 z2 fg|
"D" a3 a ag f2|"G" g4 z2 ag|"D" f3 e de f2|"A" e6 AA|
e e3 f2 g2|f2 e2 d3 c|"D" d8|z8||
"D" a8|"G" b6 a2|"D" (d4 d)Ade|"Bm" f6 e2|
"D" d3 A d3 e|f4 g2 a2|"A" e8-|e4 z2 (fg)|
"D" a3 a a3 f|"G" g6 ag|"D" f3 e (de) f2|
"A" e6 AA|e e3 f2 g2|f3 e d2 c2|"D" d8-|d4 z2||

Two comments

The Fields Of Athenry

I noticed some people in the past have asked for this tune, so I thought would write something up for them. I needed to notate it down anyway for a new player in our band - so I hope it is of some help to somebody.

It is not really a march… but options are limited here… hopefuly its close enough. Timing of the notes varies depending on how people sing it.

The Fields of Athenry was written in 1979 by Pete St. John.

The version I have written is what I have heard in Irish pubs around Perth.

It’s another song that connects Ireland and Australia.

Re: The Fields Of Athenry

D would be my chosen key for singing it, but an octave down from that score! (I’m a mere alto). Otherwise looks good.