The Maritime waltz

By Mick McAuley

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Maritime
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
D2 C2 B,2|:A,2 D2 DC|B,2 F2 B,2|B,2 F3 G|E6|
A,2 D3 E|F2 A2 B2|G6|GF G2 A2|
B2 d2 dc|B2 A2 G2|FG AB AG|A2 D2 F2|
E3F G2|G2 F2 E2|D6|1 D2 C2 B,2:|2 D6||
G3A BA|B2 f2 e2|A4 g2|g2 f2 e2|
B2 f3g|f2 B2 A2|G4 A2|E6|E6|
DE FG A2|B2 G3 A|B2 f2 e2|A2 a2 g2|
f3 e d2|e A3 e2|d6|d6||
A2 dA eA|f3e d2|c2 B2 A2|AB G4|
G3 A B2|G2 A2 F2|F3G A2|F2 E4|
D3E FD|B4 A2|A2 d2 e2|f2 a2 g2|
f2 fe d2|e2 A3 e|d6|d4 a2||
a2 gf e2|d2 c2 B2|A2 B2 G2|d6|
d2 dc B2|A2 B2 G2|A2 DE F2|E6|E6|
A,2 D2 DC|B,2 F4|B,2 F3 G|E6|
E3F G2|G2 F2 E2|D6|D6||

Three comments

The Maritime

This is The Maritime Waltz as I hear it on track 4 on Mick McAuley’s "An Ocean’s Breadth".

First time through. There are small variations/end tags/pick up notes the second time.

Re: The Maritime

Well done, Jeff!

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