Two recordings of
Old Man Dillon
The Black Rogue

Old Man Dillon (jig) is also known as Gus Tierney’s, John Naughton’s, The Jug Of Brown Ale, Mug Of Brown Ale, The Mug Of Brown Ale, Old Man Dillon’s, Old Man Dylan.

The Black Rogue (jig) is also known as An Rógaire Dubh, Billy O’Rourke, Billy O’Rourke’s, The Black Robe, The Black Rouge, Blarney Castle, Johnny McGill, Paddy McNicholas, Paddy McNicholas’, Paddy McNicholas’s, Paddy’s Own, Rogaire Dubh, The Sack Of Potatoes, Sail Round The Rocks By Todd Denman, Sweet Tibbie Dunbar.

Michael Sexton Ceili Band by Michael Sexton Ceili Band

  1. Rogaire Dubh
  2. Gus Tierney’s
  3. The Rose In The Heather
  4. The Battering Ram

The Sligo Champion (CD 2) by Michael Gorman

  1. The Mug Of Brown Ale
  2. The Black Rogue