Da Brig jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Da Brig
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d3 A3|AFE D3|d3 A2F|D2g f2e|
d3 A3|AFE D3|E2F G2A|B3 ABc:|
|:d2e fed|c3 cde|d2e fff|g3 f2g|
agf gfe|fed edc|dBA FGA||B3 ABc:|

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A Shetland tune, I think. I’ve never heard anyone play it except myself. It appears in Richard Robinson’s Tunebook (see Links at The Session).

Da brig

Freeland barbours Occasionals do it,The Angels of the North useit with Da Shaalds o’ Foula, amongst other tunes fora Foula Reel.

Da Brig

U transcribed the tune from an album by the Shetland band Home Bru.They play it in a set with Gaster’s Dream and The Sooth End.

I know this is a bit of a stray from the subject but why do they play a jig for a reel? I mean why do they play sets of jigs for the Foula reel, if that makes more sense?

Fiddlefeet, reels come in all shapes and sizes. I’m no very little about dancing, but I would imagine that what Shetlanders call a reel might be very different to what the Scots, Irish or English call a reel. In fact, I know that the Foula Reel is a different dance to the standard Shetland Reel (as distinct form the various types of Scots reel) - and presumably works better accompanied by tunes in 6/8 than 4/4. Why not?

Re: why do they play a jig for a reel?

In concert, Aly Bain commented that the ‘Old Foula Reel’ actually was a jig, but that the old Shetlanders didn’t know the difference! I guess that David comes close to the truth in his answer.

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yeah that maks sense. i know thre was a fairly “logical” explanation for it all. It sounds like a good excuse to go to the Shetland Islands though🙂

Reeling through the dance ~

The term ‘reel’, while known by most of us as being associated with the 4/4 tune form, is also a general term for ‘dance’, and in this case does not necessarily define the music played for the ‘reeling’. So that could be just about anything. We’ll dance a reel to a reel, or a jig, or whatever… The same could be said for ‘jig’, in that ‘jigging’, as applied to stepping, could be done to a ‘reel’, etc… So, reeling through a jig and jigging through a reel… YAHOO!!!

Hmmm, that could be rude…

Re: Da Brig

Written by F Stickle according to a set of music from The Inverness Fiddlers (set 6.4, changed to 8.1) I have.

The set is Da Foula Reel, Garster’s Dream, Da Brig and Da Fields O Foula

Played for the dance Da Foula Reel which looka awfy like a version of Strip the Willow

Re: Da Brig

Friedemann von Stickel was a German fiddler who was shipwrecked on Unst in Shetland in the 1770s (or his shipmates got fed up of his fiddling and tossed him overboard…); he ended up staying and marrying a Yell woman. His son was also called Friedemann and became a respected fiddler, composing a number of tunes. One evening he observed a brigantine sail past and was inspired to write “Da Brig”.