Three recordings of
The Earl’s Chair
The Morning Dew

The Earl’s Chair (reel) is also known as Cathaoir An Iarla.

The Morning Dew (reel) is also known as Drúcht Na Maidne, Giorria Sa BhFraoch, The Hare Among The Heather, The Hare In The Heather, Sundew.

Éist by T.J. Hull and Jeff Ksiazek

  1. The Earl’s Chair
  2. Hull’s
  3. The Morning Dew

Music In The Glen by Kennedy's Kitchen

  1. The Earl’s Chair
  2. The Morning Dew
  3. The Fermoy Lasses

The Joys Of Life by Shaskeen

  1. The Morning Dew
  2. Cooley’s
  3. The Earl’s Chair