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John Naughton’s (reel)

I found a little mistake in the 7th bar of the B part:
|ba (3ggg agef| instead of |ba (3aaa agef|

good tune.

Yes, Gian, that would tie in with the imitation of previous bars.

Here it is as Martin Hayes plays it on “The Lonesome Touch”. It’s in Fmaj rather than G and he plays it all in 16 bars.

X: 1
T: John Naughton’s
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Fmaj
gfdg g2ag|fdcd fdcg|gfdg g2fg|affg a ~f3|
gfdg gfdg|fdcA FGAc|d ~g3 f3g|fdcA AGGF||

Hi Slainte, I beg to differ. I initially thought it was a different tune too, so I transposed them both into the same key (Fmaj) and set the dots side by side. On a bar by bar comparison there are too many identical bars for them to be different tunes. They’re variants of the same tune.

’Fraid I’m with Slainte on this one.

Still, even if I’m wrong (and i was wrong once before…about 10 years ago as i recall) our discussion has now linked these two reels together for anybody who comes looking for Martin Hayes’ version of John Naughton’s. My work here is finished.

The tune turns up in different form/modes: The Humours of Quilty (PJCrotty/James Cullinan) which in itself is a version of Junior Crehan’s Old Grey Gander (CRE vol2, 222) whihc Liam O Flynn recorded as WIllie Clancy’s (on LOF1). The Eel in the sink is yet another variant.

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Watch young Mary MacNamara and Martin Hayes play this tune together:

They actually recorded this tune together in 1990s, but they aren’t this great: Mary MacNamara is just as good, but Martin Hayes already sounds jazzy on the CD.