The Devil’s Chimney slip jig

By Michael Rooney

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Devil's Chimney
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F2A A2F A2d|B2G G2F G2G|E3 e2d c2B|B2c A2G F2E|
F2A A2F A2d|B2G G2F G3|g2e e2d c2A|1 Bcd e2c d2A:|2 Bcd e2c d2g||
|:a3 d2f e2d|B3 e3 e2f|g2e e2d c2B|B2c A2G FED|
a2a d2f e2d|B3 e3 e2f|g2e e2d c2A|1 Bcd e2c d2g:|2 Bcd e2c d3||
|:Bcd g2a g2d|A3 f2g f2d|e2A A2c B2A|E2F E2D EFA|
Bcd g2a g2d|A3 f2d e2f|g2e e2d c2A|1 Bcd e2c d3:|2 B2c B2A F2E||

One comment

The Devil’s Chimney

A hop jig by Michael Rooney on the new album from his project with June McCormack, Draoicht. I love the way the rhythm shifts a bit in the third part!

I entered it as a slip jig in keeping with the general practice on the site, but as a hop jig it’s played much straighter like a fast 3/4, with forward-led snappy triplets as in the ABC below.
|:FA AF Ad|BG GF GG|E2 ed cB|Bc AG FE|
FA AF Ad|BG GF G2|ge ed cA|1B/c/d ec dA:|2B/c/d ec dg||
|:a2 df ed|B2 e2 ef|ge ed cB|Bc AG F/E/D|
aa df ed|B2 e2 ef|ge ed cA|1B/c/d ec dg:|2B/c/d ec d2||
|:B/c/d ga gd|A2fg fd|eA Ac BA|EF ED E/F/A |
B/c/d ga gd|A2fd ef|ge ed cA|1B/c/d ec d2:|2Bc BA FE||