Sixty-two recordings of MacArthur Road

Also known as Bóthar Mhic Artair, MacArthur’s Road, Mc Arthur’s Road, McArthur Road, McArthur’s Road, Old But Happy At 63.

This tune has been recorded together with The Easy Club (lots of times), Dinkey’s (lots of times), Frank’s (lots of times), A Mile Down The Road (lots of times), Calliope House (a few times), Charlie Hardie (a few times), The Farewell (a few times), Over The Moor To Maggie (a few times), The Boys Of Malin (a few times), The Bucks Of Oranmore (a few times), The Devil’s Dream (a few times), Frank Gilruth (a few times), The Phoenix (a few times), The Road To Errogie (a few times), Thomas McElvogue’s (a few times), Amhrán Na Leabhar, An Drochaid Chliùteach, The Banks Of Lough Gowna, The Belles Of Tipperary, The Blackberry Blossom, Brenda Stubbert’s, Captain Campbell, The Chicago, The Congress, Crossing The Minch, The Culfadda, The Derry, The First Month Of Summer, The Fox On The Prowl, The Foxhunters, The Gravel Walks, The Haughs Of Cromdale, The Highland, The Highlandman Who Kissed His Granny, The Holly Bush, The House Of Hamill, Itchy Fingers, Jean’s, Jenny Dang The Weaver, Jenny’s Chickens, Jimmy’s Return, John Brennan’s, The Jug Of Punch, Julia Delaney’s, June Apple, Kate Dalrymple, The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure, Kiss The Bride, The Kitchenpiper, Knocknamoe, Mac’s Fancy, Maeve’s, Malcolm Finlay, Marcel Martin, Maudabawn Chapel, Mazurka De Samatan, Miss Lyall, Miss Michelle Grehan’s Farewell To Her Degree, Moll Roe, Molly Bán, Molly Rankin’s, Mormond Braes, Morrison’s, O’Rourke’s, The Old Pigeon On The Gate, The Oyster Wife’s Rant, Paddy’s Trip To Scotland, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Popcorn, Pressed For Time, The Primrose Lasses, The Rakes Of Clonmel, The Reconciliation, The Sally Gardens, The Salvation, Sevens, The Shetland Molecule, Shirley’s, The Sweetness Of Mary, Taladh Chriosd, The Tinker’s Deal, Toss The Feathers, Touching Cloth, The Virginia.

  1. 2 House Concerts - Live in Clapton-in-Gordano by Choonz
  2. A Portland Selection 2: Contra Dance Music In The Pacific Northwest by George Penk, Clyde Curley, Susan Songer, Creighton Lindsay
  3. All In Good Time by Pat Tierney
  4. All Set by Rise The Dust
  5. At The Source by Celtic Spring
  6. Barking Mad by Four Men And A Dog
  7. Beyond The Borders by Brandon Vance, Mark Minkler
  8. Beyond the Green by Ashley Ashworth
  9. Bonny Kate by The Oxford Fiddle Group
  10. Carriages At Midnight by Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt
  11. Caught In The Moment by The Island Girls
  12. Ceilidh by Bun’ Ber E
  13. Celtic Whirl, Le Tourbillon Celtique by Celtic Whirl
  14. Cloud Nine: New England Contra Dance Music by Airdance
  15. Clubs by Rapalje
  16. Coastline by Coastline
  17. Contented Minds by Cucanandy
  18. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 12 by Matt Cunningham
  19. Déjà Vu by Perpetual e-Motion
  20. Don’t Touch that Green Linnet by Paul and David Garner with Jon Hicks
  21. Everyone In by The Drowsy Lads
  22. Farewell And Remember Me by Boys Of The Lough
  23. Fiddlewings by Manus McGuire
  24. Fire And Grace by Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
  25. First Steps by The Jig Is Up!
  26. For Each New Day by Jennifer Roland
  27. Grand Tour: Traditional Music On Piano by Eric Eid-Reiner
  28. Green Break by Ralf Weihrauch Trio
  29. Greenfire by Greenfire
  30. Herding Cats by Gaelic Storm
  31. In My Hands by Natalie MacMaster
  32. In The Morning Early by Tulca Mor
  33. Krack by Krack
  34. Lads Of Lash by Choonz
  35. Light Rain by Juniper
  36. Live At De Danu by Choonz
  37. Live At the Wodanhalle by Choonz
  38. Live It Up by Reeltime
  39. Live-Disc 1 by Natalie MacMaster
  40. Na Rósaí by Na Rósaí
  41. Oisre by Oisre
  42. Pulling Strings and Pushing Buttons by Tijn Berends
  43. Raw and Ríl by Socks in the Frying Pan
  44. Roads by Craicdown
  45. Scratching the Surface by Itchy Fingers
  46. Simple Tricks by Angus Lyon And Ruaridh Campbell
  47. Sin É by Sin É
  48. Six Shades of Green by Poisoned Dwarf
  49. Sneeze by Heyfeva
  50. The Blue Fiddle by Seán Smyth
  51. The Final Waltz by Ciaran Algar
  52. The Last Order by Ceol
  53. The Night Before by The Night Before
  54. The Rhiannon Years by Sin É
  55. The Rolling Waves by Shindig
  56. The Rough Guide To Irish Folk by Various Artists
  57. Tuning Phrases by Duncan Nicolson, Ingrid Henderson & Allan Henderson
  58. Uncle Farmer by Uncle Farmer
  59. Warts ‘n’ All by Black Sheep
  60. West of Ireland by Nine-8ths Irish
  61. Wired for Sound by Alycia Putnam
  62. Wish Hill by All Jigged Out