Autumn In Paris waltz

By John Sheahan

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Autumn In Paris
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc|d2 g3 a|f4 gf|e2 G2 A2|B4Bc^c|d2 g3 a|f3 d e2|
c6-|c2 d e2|e2 a3 b|^g4 a2|g3 e fg|f4 AB|c3 d2 e|f3 e de|
B6-|B4 Bc|d2 g3 a|f4 fg|e2 G2 A2|B4 Bc|d3 ^c d2|b3 a g2|
e6-|e3 e eg|c'2 b3 a|e3 d eg|b2 a2 g2|d3 B dg|e3 c eg|
f3 d fa|g4 Bc^c|d3 c B2|B4 AG|FE-E4-|E4 E2|D2 G2 B2|d3 d e2|
c6-|c3 d e2|e4 de|B6|G4 GA|F6|D2 F2 A2|d3 d ed|
B6-|B3 c d2|d3 c B2|B4 AB|^G2 =F4-|F6|E2 ^G2 B2|e B3 d2|c6-|c2 d e3|
e3 G ce|e g3 e2|d2 G2 A2|B4 d2|e3 c (3efg|f3 d fa|g3 f ga|g4||
X: 2
T: Autumn In Paris
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FG|A2 d3 e|c4 dc|B2 D2 E2|F4FG^G|A2 d3 e|c3 A B2|
G6-|G2 A B2|B2 e3 f|^d4 e2|d3 B cd|c4 EF|G3 A2 B|c3 B AB|
F6-|F4 FG|A2 d3 e|c4 cd|B2 D2 E2|F4 FG|A3 ^G A2|f3 e d2|
B6-|B3 B Bd|g2 f3 e|B3 A Bd|f2 e2 d2|A3 F Ad|B3 G Bd|
c3 A ce|d4 FG^G|A3 G F2|F4 ED|CB,-B,4-|B,4 B,2|A,2 D2 F2|A3 A B2|
G6-|G3 A B2|B4 AB|F6|D4 DE|C6|A,2 C2 E2|A3 A BA|
F6-|F3 G A2|A3 G F2|F4 EF|^D2 =C4-|C6|B,2 ^D2 F2|B F3 A2|G6-|G2 A B3|
B3 D GB|B d3 B2|A2 D2 E2|F4 A2|B3 G (3Bcd|c3 A ce|d3 c de|d4||

Three comments

Autum In Paris

Composed by John Sheahan of Dubliners fame. He plays it in D . I hope to post the D version later. I put it in G as the D version has a lot of low growling notes . This goes up to a high c which also might be a put off but one has to choose between one high c and a lot of low notes.