Belladrum House strathspey

Also known as Taigh Bhealladrum.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Belladrum House
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DE/F/ G>B A<F F>B|A<F (3FED E2 E>F|DE/F/ G>B A<F (3FED|G>B A<F D2 D>A|
DE/F/ G>B A<F F>B|A<F (3FED E2 E>F|DE/F/ G>B A<F (3FED|G>B A<F D2-D>f|
e>A f>A g>A f>A|e>A g>f e2- e>f|e>A f>A g>A f>A|(3fga (3gfe d>A F<A|
d>f A>f d>f A>f|d>f A>f e2 e>g|(3fga (3gfe (3dcB (3AGF|G>B A<F E2 E>A|

Four comments

Belladrum House

I got this from an old Battlefield Band album

Re: Belladrum House

I wonder which Battlefield Band album? None of the BB albums on here link to this tune.

Re: Belladrum House

It’s on Brian McNeill’s “Monksgate” album as opposed to a Battlefield Band release.

Apparently the musicians on the album are Brian McNeill (fiddle, cittern, mandolin, viola, concertina); Alan Reid (pedal organ); Angus MacGregor (Northumbrian Pipes); Neil Evans (guitar); Nan Trench (flute); Pat Knowles (electric piano); Jamie Knowles (pedal organ); Jamie McMenemy (Portuguese gitarra); John Gahagan (whistle) Sandy Stanage (guitar); Dave Munro (uillean pipes);

Thanks to Nigel Gatherer for the info…