Doddie’s Dream march

By Bruce MacGregor

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One setting

X: 1
T: Doddie's Dream
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B>AG2-GDGA|Bcd2-dDGA|Bc/B/ AB/A/ GA/G/ .FG-|1 G4-GDGA:|2 G6-G>F||
|:E3D E>F G>E|[M: 5/4] DB, D4-DFGF|[M: 4/4] E3D B>A B>c|A4-ADGF|
E3D E>F G>E|D2 d>B A>G F/2G/2A|1 G4-GDGF:|2 G6-GAde||
K: D
|:f>ed2-dAde|fga2-aAde|fg/f/ ef/e/ de/d/ cd/c/|B4-BAde|
f>ed2-dAde|fga2-aAde|fg/f/ ef/e/ de/d/ .cd-|1 d4-dAde:|2 d6-d>c||
|:B3A B>c d>B|[M: 5/4] AF A4-Acdc|[M: 4/4] B3A f>e f>g|e4-eAdc|
B3A B>cd>c|A2 a>f e>d c/2d/e|1 d4-dcdc:|2 d6z2||

Three comments

Doddie’s Dream

Composed by the wonderful Bruce MacGregor in honour of the rugby player Doddie Weir. Bruce, along with an all-star cast, released the tune as a single with all proceeds raising money for the My Name’s Doddie Foundation to fund treatment and prevention of motor neuron disease. The video can be found here:

Re: Doddie’s Dream

The tune is played once through in the tonic key, followed by twice through in the dominant (G major for part 1 and then D major for part 2 in my first setting above). Bruce has shared another recording where he has tuned his fiddle down a tone (across all strings), therefore sounding as F major for part 1 and C major for part 2. That recording is available here:

Re: Doddie’s Dream

I was at Blazin’ in Beauly last month, (the week-long workshop lead by Bruce McGregor and the other member of Blazin’ Fiddles), and Doddie’s Dream was played as a wonderful session tune, despite the key change. The key change makes it exciting in a way

Incidently, the guitar player in the first video is the wonderful Anna Massie, also a member of Blazin’ Fiddles, and a darn good fiddle player in her own right.