Down The Tannoch Road jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Down The Tannoch Road
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:AFG A2d|c2B B2B|BEF G2c|B2 A A2 A|
AFG A2 d|e2B Bed|c2B ABc|1 d3 d2B:|2 d3 d2e||
|:f2d Adf|g2e Ace|f2d Adf|efd cBA|
f2d Adf|g2e Ace|faf gec|1 edd d2e:|2 edd d2B||

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Down the Tannoch Road.

Pure gorgonzola!


A delicious italian cheese.

Tastes more like Cheez-Whiz to me….

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Down The Tannoch Road

I know what gorgonzola is,but why the comment?Why would a tune be gorgonzola?

I’m not all that up in cheeses, but isn’t gorgonzola that cheese with holes and blue stuff in it?

Gorgonzola cheese [gohr-guhn-ZOH-lah]

Named for a town outside Milan where it was originally made, Gorgonzola is one of Italy’s great cheeses. It has an ivory-colored interior that can be lightly or thickly streaked with bluish-green veins. This cow’s-milk cheese is rich and creamy with a savory, slightly pungent flavor. When aged over 6 months, the flavor and aroma can be quite strong

Gian Marco, your English is improving. Do you write for The Wine and Cheese Times? (Motto: Pour the Wine and Cut the Cheese! 🙂

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Down The Tannoch Road

This comes from the William Hunter Collection

Down The Tannoch Road

This tune was composed by Scots fiddler Addie Harper.