Cath Chéim An Fhia reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cath Chéim An Fhia
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
z6 A3/2F/2|D<D E3/2E/2 DD2E|F3/2G/2 Bc ed2B/2B/2|A3/2B<FF/2 EE2F|
A2 BF AB/2A<FE/2|DF E3/2D/2 DD2E|F3/2A/2 Bc ed2B|AB F3/2E/2 FF2E|
D2 D3/2D/2 D3A|(3ABc d3/2B<cd<ef/2|d3/2B<cA< (3Bcd e3/2c<|d3/2B<cA<BB/2 c/2B/2A/2F/2|
AB ce d2 z2|F3/2 D<ED/2 D<D DE|F3/2A/2 Bc ed2B|AB F3/2E/2 FF2E|
D2 D3/2D/2 D4|

One comment

Cath Chéim An Fhia

This should be played as a Slow Air. Q=50

If anyone can help me get ABC notation to straighten out the score in the 11th and 12th measure I’d be obliged. I believe I’ve syntaxed it properly, but it keeps putting weird dotted notes (on the triplets) and a dotted quarter note (first note of measure 12) where they aren’t being asked for.

The ABC notation should be right, and the score is mostly right except measures 11 and 12 have minor deviations from the ABC instructions.