Two recordings of
Sean Reid’s
The Silver Spear

Sean Reid’s (reel) is also known as Gilbert Clancy’s, Gilbert’s Fancy, Gilibeart Mhac Fhlannchadha, Mick’s Hands, Seán Reid’s Fancy, Sean Reid’s Favourite.

The Silver Spear (reel) is also known as An tSleá Airgid, Joe Mhaire Mhicilin, The Old Silver Spear, The Silver Tip, Sliabh Bána, The Top Of The Cliff.

The Irish Concertina 3: Live in New York by Noel Hill

  1. The Ladies’ Pantalettes
  2. The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn
  3. Sean Reid’s
  4. The Silver Spear

Traditional Irish Music From Belfast by Alan McCartney, Paul Bradley, Jason O'Rourke, Brendan O'Hare and Ray Gallen

  1. The Silver Spear
  2. Gilbert Clancy’s
  3. The Road To Ballymac