One recording of
Sean Reid’s
Mary McMahon

Sean Reid’s (reel) is also known as Gilbert Clancy’s, Gilbert’s Fancy, Gilibeart Mhac Fhlannchadha, Mick’s Hands, Seán Reid’s Fancy, Sean Reid’s Favourite.

Mary McMahon (reel) is also known as Mary MacMahon, Mary MacMahon’s, Mary McMahon Of Ballinahinch, Mary McMahon Of Ballynahinch, Mary McMahon’s, Maureen Glynn, Micho Russell’s, Miko Russell’s, Miss Mary McMahon Of Ballinahinch.

The Northern Concertina by Jason O'Rourke

  1. The Gooseberry Bush
  2. Sean Reid’s
  3. Mary McMahon’s