One recording of
Sean Reid’s
The Maid Behind The Bar

Sean Reid’s (reel) is also known as Gilbert Clancy’s, Gilbert’s Fancy, Gilibeart Mhac Fhlannchadha, Mick’s Hands, Seán Reid’s Fancy, Sean Reid’s Favourite.

The Maid Behind The Bar (reel) is also known as The Barmaid, Freastalaí Laistiar Cuntar, Freastalaí Laistiar ḍen ǥCuntar, The Haymaker, Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar, Little Judy, Little Judy’s, New York.

Grá dun Rince - The Love of the Dance by Daniel A. Nelson

  1. The Tattoo Dance
  2. Dunphy´s
  3. Sean Reid´s
  4. The Maid Behind The Bar