Two recordings of
The Mullingar Races
The Hunter’s Purse

The Mullingar Races (reel) is also known as The Hunchback, The Mulingar Races.

The Hunter’s Purse (reel) is also known as An Sceach, An Sgeach, The Bush, The Five Leafed Clover, The Five-Leaved Clover, The Haymaker, Hetty’s Wishes, Hunters Purse, The Hunters Purse, The India, The Indian On The Rock, Seamrog Na Cuig Duille.

Irish Grace Notes by Ailbe Grace

  1. The Hunter’s Purse
  2. The Mullingar Races
  3. The Chattering Magpie

Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music by Various Artists

  1. Sporting Paddy
  2. Murphy’s Favourite
  3. The Haymaker