Auld Rattray march

By Jim Watson

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One setting

X: 1
T: Auld Rattray
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:f>e|d2 A2|GF ED|F<A A>B|A2 fe|d2 A2|GF ED|f<e e>f|e2 fe|
d2 A2|GF ED|G>F GA|Bg fe|dA FD|GB AG|F2 D2|D2:|
|:fg|a>g fe|d2 FA|G>F GA|B2 fg|a>g fe|df ad|f2 e2|e2 fg|
a>g fe|d2 FA|G>F GA|Bg fe|dA FD|GB AE|F2 D2|D2:|

Three comments

Auld Rattray

This is a nice tune which we used to play a lot in fiddle circles.

I’m not sure of the composer but maybe Nigel could help as I think he’s taught this one at one point?

Rattray is a small town or village(?) in Perthshire and is a continuation of Blairgowrie(Just across the River Ericht ). Along with Blairgowrie, it is a “twin burgh”.

I am just reminded of another recent tune I posted for obvious reasons. 😉

Re: Auld Rattray

The composer is Jim Watson, Johnny Jay. He also composed “Sidlaw Hills”, “Ruthven House” and, I think, “Links of Love”.

Not everyone will think your reference to “Strawberries Galore” obvious, JJ. For them, the area between Rattray and Dundee is famous for berry picking.

Re: Auld Rattray

Thanks, Nigel.

Maybe more rasps but strawbs too,

I had the nicest dish of strawberries and cream in Blairgowrie a couple of years back.