Rowsome’s reel

Also known as The Balintore Fancy, Ballintore Fancy, The Ballintore Fancy, The Kerry, Rowesome’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rowsome's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
GAAG A3 F|GEAF GEEG|A3 c BGG2|1 BdBG cAB:|2 BdBG c3||
d|e3 d efg2|G3 F GAEG|A3 c BGG2|BdBG c3 d|
e3 d efg2|G3 F GAEG|A3 c BGG2|BdBG cAB||

Four comments

Rowsome’s or Kerry Jig

Joe McKenna, The Irish Low Whistle, track 4, first tune, followed by The Ballintore Fancy.

The same set is called a set of single jigs on Leo Rowsome, The King of the Pipers, track 2, and this tune is called The Kerry Jig (, but to my ear it’s played as a reel, and only the second tune is played as a slide.

The same set is called "The Ballintore Fancy" on The Bothy Band, Old Hag You Have Killed Me (LP: Polydor Super 2383 417), side 2, track 4. Paddy Keenan comes in with this after an introductory piece (Ng’s #3148) that sounds as if it were written as a counterpoint to this tune. Both parts are played single, instead of double first part, single second as played by Rowsome and the Bothies.

Re: Rowsome’s

I have just came across a reel in the O’Neill’s DMI (1001)
"Tim the market man", tune N° 690. both tune share more or less the same melody.