Twenty-eight recordings of The Jockey At The Fair

Also known as Gary Owen, Jockey To The Fair, The Jockey To The Fair, Jockie To The Fair, Jogging To The Fair, Setdance.

This tune has been recorded together with The Five Mile Chase (a few times), The Humours Of Bandon (a few times), Maggie Brown’s Favourite (a few times), The Blarney Pilgrim, Greensleeves, Maid Of The Mill, Marian McCarthy, My Former Wife, The Repeal Of The Union.

  1. 30 Years A-Greying - Disc 1 by The Dubliners
  2. A Date With The Gallowglass Ceili Band by The Gallowglass Ceili Band
  3. BBC Archive Recordings by Bobby Casey
  4. Celtic Dance Music And Song by Mike Saunders And Dale Russ
  5. Classics Of Irish Piping by Leo Rowsome
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  7. Dancing Days by Chris Leslie
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  9. Fifty-Odd Years by Jimmy Power
  10. Folktrax-372: The Princess Royal: Dance Music From South Armagh by The Nine McCusker Brothers & Hugh Savage
  11. Foolin’ In Doolin by Michael ‘Blackie’ O’Connell And Karol Lynch
  12. Foolin’ In Doolin by Michael ”Blackie” O’ Connell And Karol Lynch
  13. Here And There by Seamus Connolly
  14. Irish Fiddle Player by Jimmy Power
  15. Micheal O Suilleabhain by Micheal O Suilleabhain
  16. Paddy Jones Live by Paddy Jones
  17. Rig-a-jig-jig: Dance Music Of The South Of England by Various Artists
  18. Slow Airs And Set Dances by Eugene O’Donnell
  19. Son Of Morris On by Ashley Hutchings & Morris On
  20. Songs of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex by The Mellstock Band
  21. Step Into The Beat: Modern Irish Dance Music (Vol. II) by Ellery Klein And Ryan Lacey
  22. The Final Round CD 1 by Kevin Joyce
  23. The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster ~ CD: 2 of 3 by Various Artists
  24. The Irish Isle by James Keane and Friends
  25. The Master Pipers Volume 2 by Tommy Kearney
  26. The Master’s Touch by Sean McGuire
  27. The Pipers’ Gathering 2017, Vol. 2 by Pipers Gathering
  28. To My Cup by Modesty Forbids