Two recordings of
The Jockey At The Fair
Maggie Brown’s Favourite

The Jockey At The Fair (jig) is also known as Gary Owen, Jockey To The Fair, The Jockey To The Fair, Jockie To The Fair, Jogging To The Fair, Setdance.

Maggie Brown’s Favourite (jig) is also known as Bunch Of Clover, The Bunch Of Clover, Cadden’s Fancy, Maggie Brown, Maggie Brown’s, Maggie Brown’s Fancy, Maggie Brown’s Favorite, Maggie Browne’s, Maggie Browne’s Fancy, Margaret Brown’s Favourite, Margrett Brown’s Favourite, Miss Brown’s Fancy, Miss Browne’s, Miss Browne’s Fancy, Miss Browns Fancy, Miss Margaret Brown’s Favourite, Planxty Brown, Planxty Browne, Planxty Maggie Brown, Sweet Maggie Brown, Trip To Gorey.

Celtic Dance Music And Song by Mike Saunders And Dale Russ

  1. Jockey To The Fair
  2. The Humours Of Bandon
  3. Maggie Brown’s Fancy

Irish Fiddle Player by Jimmy Power

  1. Jockey To The Fair
  2. Miss Brown’s Fancy